Breathtaking, Bewitching and Bedazzling bangles by Punjab jewels

Bringing for your supple wrists and arms adornments crafted in the purest of gold comes our Bangles collection. A limitless selection stands presented, making sure you find the pairs you forever desired!

Bangles go hand-in-hand with every occasion!

Whether she chooses to bedeck her ensemble with a single striking bangle or with a twinkling set, bangles effortlessly make their way into each of her special days. The simpler ones are often worn on a daily basis by married women, as a vital part of their everyday shringaar.

“Circles of scintillation arrive to caress the delicate wrists and arms, Crafted in gold, imbibing motifs new and old, carrying in their hearts a shimmering charm!” Browse through our countless designs and be left absolutely spoilt for choice. 


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Punjab Jewels